5 Tips for Generating Creative Hashtags

Looking to boost your business’s activity on social media? Hashtags have been around for many years but are once again creating a buzz on the internet. Using hashtags helps your business or event to be easily searched and discovered by potential customers. Unique Venues is here to help with our top five tips for generating creative hashtags that will get customers’ attention!


Keep it short

If your hashtag is overly wordy and lengthy, no one will want to type all of it in when beginning a conversation about your company. You might not even want to continuously write it out! Hashtags that are too long can be easily misspelled. Try to shorten or abbreviate some words. For example, if you are using the word “for” maybe use the number instead. Having a number in the middle of a phrase will also make people more interested.


Incorporate humor or cleverness

Everyone loves a catchy phrase that helps them easily remember a company or event. If you make the hashtag funny or clever, you will have a better chance of consumers remembering your business. Try to find a humorous word or phrase to describe your company, conference, or life event. You can also make a play on words to create your hashtag phrase. Humor or cleverness is an important concept to incorporate into your hashtag if you want people to recall it.


Easy to remember

This tip is combines tip one and two, but is so important that it should be said one more time. Once again, you do not want a hashtag that is difficult to remember. If your hashtag is easy to remember, people are more likely to generate conversations with others by using it.


Be actionable, if possible

If your hashtags incite action, people are more likely to respond. When creating hashtags, try to ask questions that will engage your followers and make them respond. Call-to-action phrases work well because you will be able to see if your hashtag is working based on your followers’ response.


Watch out for hidden meanings

In today’s world, some words may be slang terms without you even realizing it. This is the last thing that you want to happen when creating a hashtag. If your hashtag contains a double meaning, your brand might lose its reputation. Make sure you do some research on your future hashtag before posting it anywhere.

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