The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The holiday season is right around the corner and Unique Venues is here to offer some suggestions to help you plan a holiday party that your guests will remember for years. Whether it’s the first time or the tenth time you’re planning your company’s holiday party, here’s three questions you should always ask before booking a venue.


What is your company’s budget for the holiday party?

Staying within budget always seems to be difficult when planning an event. Get creative when looking for ways to cut costs. For example, see if you are allowed to hire your own caterers. Another option would be choosing a day that might not be as expensive to book events, such as a weekday.


How many guests are attending?

This will help you to narrow down the various venues that you are thinking about renting. Be sure you visit the venue in person because while capacities can be the same, the room layouts could be drastically different - making one venue spacious while another is crammed.


Does the venue offer additional services?

These services include catering, audio-visual equipment for your event, and a set-up/clean-up crew. Additional services can make the price of the venue rise, but you will be thankful at the end of the night when you can just go home instead of cleaning up.

Now Let's Talk About Food!

If you’re planning a party for less than 20 people, hosting a cocktail party is the route to take; however, make sure to tell your guests so they won’t be expecting a full meal. A cocktail party is the most intimate place for your employees to mingle and not feel obligated to only talk to the people who are sitting at their table. Everyone will be able to sip on delicious drinks and try the different appetizers that are offered during your party. If you’re hosting a holiday party for more than 20 people, then you may want to consider the options of either a seated dinner or a buffet-style dinner. This will help save money since the caterers are preparing the meals in bulk instead of making hundreds of appetizers. If you do choose to have a seated or buffet dinner, be sure the venue has enough room to fit the appropriate number of tables and chairs while leaving enough room for people to walk around.

Get Creative

In 2019, themed parties are a popular and creative way to entertain your guests and give them something to talk about all night long. If you’re feeling lucky, maybe your next holiday party will have the theme, “A Night of Chance.” Hire a magician, offer raffle tickets for different prizes, or set up tables for poker, blackjack, and roulette to make your casino night a memorable one. Another theme that your guests will love is a Luau party. Warm up a chilly night by bringing the beach to your guests! Beach-themed props such as leis and grass skirts will make your guests feel like they are on a tropical vacation. Finally, as 2019 ends and the “roaring 20s” begins, hosting a Great Gatsby themed party will be dubbed as the bee’s knees. Have your guests dress in their best 1920's attire and offer drinks connected to the movie such as a Manhattan or a mint julep. Hosting a Great Gatsby themed party will have your guests singing “a little party never killed nobody” all night long.

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